Types of Watch Bands Based on Material 

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There are various types of watch bands in the market nowadays, and people pick them depending on their use and personal style. If you plan to buy watch bands, it’s best to first learn about them and the different materials they come in.
Here are the choices of watch bands you will find out there today and what makes them different from one another:
Leather watch bands add glamour and provide a sense of pride to the wearer. They are no only trendy but also very comfortable to wear. Learn more about Garmin bands at vivofit jr bands. If you’re going to a party or any important social function, leather watch bands will be a great choice. Of course, genuine leather watch bands are highly durable, with some lasting even forever when proper care is taken.
Rubber, Resin & Silicone
Rubber, resin and silicone watch bands are your perfect substitute for leather bands. They are less expensive and are sometimes more fashionable than leather bands. On top of that, watch bands made of rubber and silicone are water proof. They are extremely lightweight and fit practically any occasion, although they are commonly worn by hikers or extreme sport athletes, considering they are quite low maintenance. Of course, they are also perfect for casual wear and for kids.
Stingray bands are a class all its own. They are made in a whole range of colors to match your style. Compared to other types, stingray bands are new in the fashion scene, but they are now very popular, especially among girls who like the color and fun vibe they bring. If you’re looking for something to wear on casual parties or for day to day use, these bands are just right for you.
Carbon Fiber
Carbon fibber bands are very flexible, making them idea for sportswear. To Read more about Garmin bands, click page. Because of its flexibility, it is very strong and can withstand great amounts of stress. This watch strap was designed for people who are active and play a lot of outdoor sports. If you want something that is versatile and long-lasting, carbon fiber watch bands are a great choice.
Finally, nylon watch bands are made with the widest variety compared to other types. Aside from that, they can also last very long, depending on how you take care of them. In fact, durability is the main strength of nylon watch bands. If you like to go for a nice swim from time to time or even if you’re into water sports, then your first choice should be nylon watch bands. Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garmin_Forerunner.

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